How To Stream UFC On Buffstreams

How To Stream UFC On Buffstreams

Are you a UFC fan who’s grown rather tired of those expensive pay-per-view fees or annoying regional blocks that constantly have you missing the big fights? You are not alone.

Many have gone before you looking for an affordable and painless way to enjoy live UFC action. But here’s the best part: Buffstreams can help you solve the problem. It hands out an all-access pass to all the MMA action fans could possibly want – for free.

In this article, we will show you how to start watching UFC fights on Buffstreams with any device.

What is Buffstreams?

Buffstreams is a popular streaming service for sports fans as it displays a plethora of sporting events, including college football, UFC, soccer, rugby, tennis, baseball, basketball, hockey, ice hockey, racing, tennis, athletics, and more.

You can watch live broadcasts of sports events and games, including UFC fights for free. One of the benefits of Buffstreams is that it is free to use. Buffstreams provides UFC fans with streaming links from all over the internet to help them watch matches or fights without any challenges.

How to watch UFC live

Finding UFC fights on the Buffstreams platform is easy. Once you get to their website, you will find it, whereby you just search in case there is a search box or look for a UFC section on the menu. You just click on one, and it will take you to the next page that shows the list of upcoming fights. Each one of them has a link that leads directly to the live stream.

Buffstreams Features and Benefits

Buffstreams has now become the preeminent place for sports lovers who want easy access to live sports events such as UFC, English Premier League, WWE, MMA, MLB, NFL, NBA, Boxing, etc.

The platform is noted for having different features, specifically put in place to make viewing smooth and give you the best experience while watching your favorite sports game. Well, that’s what makes Buffstreams outstanding. Below are some of the special features of the platform:

1. Wide Range of Sports Coverage

Buffstreams offers not only the UFC stream but also a great abundance of other sports streams, including basketball, soccer, tennis, hockey, American football, baseball, rugby, cricket, and many others. Their wide coverage of different sports attracts international viewership, making them a favorite among sports fans across the world.

2. High-Quality Streams

One of the benefits you enjoy as a Buffstreams user is that you get high-quality streaming links to any sports game you want to watch. The platform does everything humanly possible in an attempt to guarantee that its streams come in high definition so that viewers can acquire crisp visuals and even better audio quality.

This focus on quality enables those who watch live sports through Buffstreams to submerge themselves in an experience tantamount to watching from the spectator seats.

3. User-Friendly Interface

Buffstreams has a very friendly user interface that navigates its viewers. The website is user-friendly and simple to navigate through to find the game or event of interest.

4. Multi-Device Compatibility

Buffstreams can be accessed from a variety of gadgets, from personal computers both desktop and laptops to handheld devices like smartphones and tablets.

That guarantees full compatibility either at home or on the move, where there will be no missed live sports streams. And being able to do so without losing quality or experience whenever changing between devices is one of its biggest pluses for sports fans.

5. Free to Use (No Subscription Required)

As a free streaming website, Buffstreams caters to viewers who can’t afford monthly subscriptions on other streaming apps. If you don’t have money for a live sports TV subscription, you can consider using free sports streaming apps like Buffstreams.

How Can I Stream Fights Online?

how to stream ufc fights

Fortunately, streaming UFC matches online is easy with Buffstreams. All you need to get started is a stable internet connection and an internet-supported device.

First, if the video streaming experience is to be really smooth, you need to have a very good internet connection. If the video is constantly buffering or its image quality degrades, perhaps it’s high time to check the speed of your Internet connection. Online tools like and can help you check your internet speed.

For streaming high-quality live sports, aim for at least a 5 Mbps connection. If your results are lower, try a few tricks to boost your speed. First, consider restarting your router – it’s a simple step, but often it works wonders.

If you’re on Wi-Fi, moving closer to your router will improve the signal strength. For the best possible connection, connect your device directly to the router using an Ethernet cable. This will definitely improve your internet speed and stability, and make it perfect for streaming online content.

Secondly, you need a device that supports the internet. Since Buffstreams can be used on almost every device, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets, you don’t need to download and install any app as it is browser-based.

Simply open your best-loved web browser on whichever device you have, and voila. For PC and Mac users, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari make the best choice. Mobile users are also able to use their favorite browsers on their Android and iOS devices.

The key is to make sure your browser is updated so as not to experience any compatibility issues. If you will be watching via a smart TV, consider using a browser. But then, it is always possible to hook up your laptop or smartphone to the TV through an HDMI cable for that big screen.

With stable internet and an enabled device, you are set for an uninterrupted streaming experience of UFC matches.

How to Watch UFC Fights On Buffstreams

Sports fans looking to watch UFC fights for free from anywhere in the world can do so using Buffstreams. Truly, Buffstreams is a game-changer. Here’s how to watch UFC matches on Buffstreams:

First of all, you should look for the service on the web. Just open your favorite search engine and type “Buffstreams”; then, look in the search results for the official website of Buffstreams. When done, click on the homepage from the new options.

How to Watch and Stream UFC From Anywhere

Most likely, UFC streams are one of the major and popularly covered events; therefore, that should be easy to find on the menu. Since Buffstreams has a clean user-friendly interface, you won’t have difficulties selecting a sports game to watch. But if you don’t see UFC games on the screen, use the search function or browse through the navigation menu, sorting the sports. Click on “UFC” to continue.

By clicking on the UFC section, it will load all live streams available for the coming fight. The details in each stream include the name of the fighter, the date, and the time the specific event is to take place. Since several streaming links are provided, it may take some time to figure out the best stream.

If you don’t have the time to try out all streaming links, start by choosing streams that have a high number of positive ratings, reviews, or comments if available, as they tend to provide better quality than others. Some are even labeled with the video quality (e.g., HD) to help you choose.

But you can enhance the experience of watching video clips if you have a reliable and fast internet connection; you will be able to choose the HD streams.

Buffstreams is ad-supported. While at times this invasion is annoying, there are a few ways that it can be stopped. First, consider using an ad blocker. This way, they can really cut down on the number of pop-up ads.

Some streams even give in to that and start only when it is disabled. Approach that with caution and be prepared to close any pop-up ads. Be careful not to confuse the close button with ads covering the video; click on the ‘X’ to close ads, but be careful—ads sometimes disguise the close button or will just bounce you around to other sites. Always make sure you are clicking the right buttons so that you don’t accidentally download malware.

And most importantly, always be patient while dealing with ads in Buffstreams. Once you get through them, you’ll be set to enjoy the UFC fight without further interruptions.

How To Use Buffstreams Safely

When it comes to watching video content, such as UFC fights online on free streaming sites platforms like Buffstreams, safeguarding your online safety and security is a must. This guarantees not only your experience but also a smooth view that keeps your personal information from possible threats.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a serious tool that can help protect your streaming activity and ensure your online safety. A VPN is a service that allows a person to encrypt their internet traffic and hide who they appear to be online. That makes it difficult for third parties to trace your online activities and steal data. The encryption takes place in real-time.

One of the biggest advantages of using a VPN, especially for streamers and cord-cutters is its capability to break geo-restrictions. This will enable you to access content such as selected UFC fights that are not available from within your region. Moreover, a VPN secures your browsing activities, so it really is quite an important part of a privacy-concerned personality.

Free streaming sites may often be the hub of malware and unwanted software. Some VPN services also provide malware protection. To protect your device, consider choosing a VPN with the best antivirus and anti-malware protection. These tools can identify and abort threats to your system before the threat actually causes harm, providing the essential layer of security to enjoy your sports and games.

If you stream content on Buffstreams or any free streaming website, consider using a VPN service like NordVPN. NordVPN is definitely a big name on the internet. It stands out for its robust encryption protocols, high-connection-speed servers, and worldwide network. This makes NordVPN the best choice for streaming and online security.

However, it does a good job of bypassing geo-blocks to give you safe access to a wide range of sports content. Besides, it offers security by incorporating features such as CyberSec, which does well in taking measures to further protect users from malware and intrusive ads that may affect your streaming.

Using NordVPN not only lets you watch the fights of your favorite UFC stars without bothering about geo-restrictions but will also protect your online activities from prying eyes. Your online security is guaranteed when using a premium VPN service like NordVPN.

How To Improve Your Online Streaming Experience

No one enjoys buffering while watching their favorite show, movie, or sports game. Ideally, you want your streams to be fast as the live sports games happen. Your viewing quality can only be as good as the stream coming in. Poor video quality could easily make you miss key moments in a fight.

Virtually all streaming platforms, Buffstreams inclusive, have manual controls for setting the streaming quality. The video quality may be set to maximum, usually with an indicator: HD or 1080p, if you have a relatively fast internet connection. Otherwise, you would have to reduce the quality so that you can watch without constant interruptions in video streaming. It’s a matter of balancing between quality and smooth playback. The higher the quality, the more bandwidth it will consume.

Yes, buffering is a total mood killer, especially for streaming live events like UFC fights because every second counts. The first thing that should be checked – with any lagging or buffering, at the least, is to see if indeed the internet speed is meeting the minimum required for a good streaming experience.

How can I watch UFC online

If your speed is okay but still you get hitches, try reducing the quality level to lessen the load on your bandwidth. You also need to close other tabs or even applications that will rob your internet connection to allow some bandwidth for the streaming process.

In addition, you can get a more stable connection by connecting directly to the router with an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. If the buffering continues, consider refreshing the stream or using another stream link, as this can solve the problem.

Buffstreams Alternatives

Aside from Buffstreams, there are numerous free streaming websites you can use to watch live sports matches. Here are some of them:


StreamEast is also very popular with sports fans. Its website has an exhaustive listing of sports events, from big league games down to the more esoteric sports. It lets you watch live football matches as well as on-demand content from MLB, UFC, NBA, NHL, NFL, & F1.

Thanks to the clean and navigable interface, everybody can easily and within the shortest time possible get to their favorite sports or events they are interested in. StreamEast caters to all different categories of viewers, who are huge fans of sports events.


Another great website on this list that provides links to live sports streams is SportSurge. The site itself does not host any streams, yet it’s one of the most effective at connecting users to all well-trusted sources that concern live sports. Its simple design and simple navigation ensure that the site is user-friendly for any streamer.


This has given CrackStreams much attention, for it has links for live streaming of very much-in-demand sports like boxing, basketball, and MMA. The site will update its links 24 hours before the actual event takes place, ensuring that it has been availed to the sports fans. CrackStreams is popular for its NBA and UFC event coverage.


FirstRowSports has a popular plain layout and plenty of sports streaming options. The site provides viewers with instant watching of football, basketball, rugby, and others only a few clicks away. FirstRowSports is also proud to take its decent stream quality and provide easy access to viewers from the first row.

VIPRow Sports

VIPRow Sports provides a huge variety of sports streams, from leagues to rare sports. The platform brings in quality streaming and also offers a user-friendly interface with sports icons atop the page for easy access. VIPRow Sports is a go-to for fans looking to explore a wide range of sports content.


Extensively popular among football fans, FootyBite also covers basketball and NFL games. The website is very popular for streaming coverage of leagues around the world and, therefore, lets its viewers get a great experience with very few ad interruptions in the videos.


In a nutshell, Buffstreams offers UFC fans the option of watching UFC games for free. With platforms like Buffstreams, you will never miss out on any popular UFC fight again. Buffstreams provides an easy-to-use interface and a wide range of sporting events, making it one of the best ways to stream live sports online.

However, to protect your online privacy and improve your streaming experience, consider investing in a NordVPN subscription. NordVPN helps you evade geo-restrictions, hence allowing you to stream sports content in any country regardless of your location whilst keeping your streaming activity private.